Friday, March 16, 2012


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Do you play Scrabble? I LOVE it, but I have beef with the iPad / iPhone version-- it limits you to words it recognizes as belonging to the English language. This might sound reasonable at first, but anyone in fashion is going to have a problem with this stipulation, as it eliminates half our daily lexicon. "Chic", "Spanx", and "ciao" are "not found in dictionary", and of course, neither are the names of any designers. Not only do these regulations present the considerable challenge of re-wiring our brains to exclude these terms, it also inhibits creativity and represses maximum point acquirement. It's like communism for board games.

Photo: Kate Moss looking like she plays by the rules for Vogue UK

Luckily, Target carries the chic vintage board version, and my friends and I have taken to playing Fashion Scrabble with some regularity at Bar Marmont. Stakes have gotten pretty high as more rounds of wine and the city's best fries are ordered. We now limit playing words to sartorial terms only, use our apps instead of dictionaries, and allow for acronyms when sensible (DVF, YSL, ALC, etc. are all acceptable). As the evening wears on, though, the game ultimately becomes less about competition and more about creativity, with everyone sharing turns and tiles and looking politely the other way if "Givenchy" happens to run off the board. It gives a whole new meaning to "words with friends", and in this case, the tech version can't beat the real thing. Especially with wine and fries.

 Photos: Instagram

What do you think, should Scrabble be played by traditional rules, or do you like to mix it up? I know, the pressing questions of our time.

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