Wit + Style + Charm

ESS started as a way to privately keep track of all my personal inspirations, but it's so nice and unexpected when others share those inspirations, too. Even though I mostly don't like talking about myself, I also don't want to be that creepy anonymous person, so here is a bit of the ESS backstory-- enjoy, and thank you for stopping by! xx

About the inspiration:

Having been lucky enough to have handled PR for some talented designers and wonderful brands, fashion is what I live and love. Yet for all the labels around me, I prefer the one fading with age upon some of my most treasured pieces: “Edith Saylor”.

Edith Saylor was my great-grandmother. With a strong sense of personal style and decorum, she sewed her own dresses and was one of the chicest women I have ever known. Edith was fabulous before the word came to connote brashness, then raised her last highball and slipped away. To me, her wit, style, and charm live on today-- not only in the form of the fox fur stoles, silk dressing gowns, and those gray sweatpants which bear her name, but also in my boundless appreciation of beauty and insatiable capacity for inspiration. The intuitive eye and innate passion that drove me to the world of high fashion and continues to inspire me in all areas of life is, doubtless, a product of Edith's genes and influence.

I am inspired by elements of beauty every day, and wanted to collect it all in one place. I have found that the pieces I choose all in some way exude the wit, style, and charm of my great-grandmother, and that is why it is named for my favorite label of all:

Edith Saylor.

About the author:

I was born in a small town near California wine country, danced with a company in the bay area, and grew up around fashion in the city. I studied History and Costume Design for undergrad, Theatre and Dance abroad in Greece, and Visual Communications at fashion school, then began working in fashion PR. I believe in grace, hard work, and the beauty of our world. I also like drinking champagne on dance floors.  

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