Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Oh, don’t we all have one. The Rhett to our Scarlett, the Johnny to our June, the Big to our Carrie. The lyrics of this song adorably nail the paradoxical sentiments of both love and hate that we all bestow upon our personal Casanova. But it isn’t just the irresistible, hurt-so-good subject matter that makes this video a treat. Look at Miss Underwood, American Idol turned bona fide country superstar, coming into her own style-wise. From the ill-advised silver eyeshadow and baby doll tops in “Jesus Take the Wheel”, followed by questionable red bra straps with a black racerback tank in “Before He Cheats”, Carrie has gone through trial and error in developing a style that works. Period pieces, lingerie looks, and ensemble costumes all carry the potential to go dreadfully awry (particularly with the CMT set, let’s be honest), but it all comes pretty close in “Cowboy Casanova”. The set design isdarling, and the choreography is darling. And of course, the shadowy “Casanova” delivers the perfect dose of intrigue and endearing devilishness. This is a visual feast that is feminine, sexy, and sassy without being cheesy… okay, so it’s definitely cheesy, but that’s what makes it so fun!

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