Monday, March 5, 2012


I recently saw an artictle on IFB on how to be a social media butterfly, and in particular how to be a gracious Tweeter. Once again, it is an article that can be wonderfully applied to more than what it is written for, as the tips are applicable to real life as well as the internet! There were 6 main points made in the article, which can help anyone shine both online and IRL:

1. Listen, respond thoughtfully, and ask questions or make statements that can spark lively conversation.

2. Don’t suck up to bloggers/editors/celebrities/publications that you follow. You’re too good for that, I promise!

3. Be confident, be gracious, be vivacious!

4. Share things that are interesting, beautiful, funny, thought-provoking, fashionable… you get the idea. Use photos (Instagram is awesome), links, and videos to add color to your dialog.

5. Do not be the Debbie Downer of Twitter. Keep the emotional, personal, and self-pitying tweets to a minimum.

6. Be yourself, of course! Your unique voice, your perspective, that’s what matters. It’s why and how you write a fabulous blog, and why you further engage with followers and potential new followers (and friends) through social media.

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