Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have been so busy with Cannes I haven't even been able to share my new obsession.
Yes, everyone is talking about it: Karl's new film, Remember Now.

The film further convinces me that Karl and I are kindred spirits.
Other than the amazing clothes (obviously), please find below the
Top Ten things that I love which Karl also loves
which are all packed into this 17 minute champane-haze romp of FUN:

1.) The club!
2.) A devil-may-care attitude.
3.) Driving up those twistin' turnin' roads!
4.) Being young in the summertime
5.) After-after Parties
6.) Flashing lights.
7.) Joie de vivre!!
9.) Great music
10.)That exhausted, dehydrated, and completely satisfying feeling of contentment when you look around at the reprucussions of last night's fun and love it and think, "I've got to remember now".

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