Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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When my parents moved into a new house a couple years ago, my mother enlisted my help in decorating. We consulted an interior designer, and I excitedly relayed my idea to stretch curtains across an entire bedroom wall. I also wanted curtains framing the doorless entrance to the attached powder room and the frameless sink mirror. The woman looked at me as if I had lost my mind, then promptly launched into a campaign against the practicality of my idea until I began questioning my own sanity and, more importantly, my own style savoir-faire. 

Shortly thereafter, I moved apartments and set about decorating, including hanging curtains. Moving and setting up house can be stressful, but I love it, and I was staying up till early morning playing with furniture and frames for a whole week after the move. Around 1 or 2 in the morning, after contemplating the wall of my bedroom where I had hung curtains around the window, I decided to ignore the words of the interior designer. Using a second set of matching curtains and rods that I thought I wouldn’t need in the new apartment, I extended the rod of the already-mounted curtains to stretch the length of the wall. Curtains now hang from floor to ceiling across the entire back wall of the room, with a tie back at the window to let in light. There is also a floor-to-ceiling curtain with a picture frame nailed over it on the small wall between the bed and closet; curtains also frame the dressing table. I ended up loving it! Curtains for no reason is like champagne for no reason: luxurious, sumptuous, and… why not?

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