Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The front gate of Christian Louboutin's new Hollywood boutique

Yes, the spike-heeled, never-walking-always-driving girls of LA have been waiting breathless for the arrival of a Christian Louboutin boutique of their own. But we have been arrested by beauty before even setting a red-soled foot inside the new outpost. Prior to the inevitable heart-fluttering brought on by the gloriously glittering treats awaiting inside, let us pause for attention to the exquisite design of the front gate. Yes, you heard me, the most lusted-after shoes in the world are finally arriving in Hollywood, and we are discussing the front gate. But I think that true style is found in the seemingly irrelevant details. Christian Louboutin created the heart-wrenching moment when a woman turns to go and leaves only flashes of provocative red as she walks away. So leave it to the man who made the dirtiest and most irrelevant part of a shoe positively sensual to get us excited over wrought iron. 
Because the designer garners much of his inspiration from Golden Age films, he felt it was only fitting that his Los Angeles store reflect the heritage of the old movie studios. “When I bought the Hollywood store, being a French person, of course I thought of this as the capital of cinema, and in a way the capital of glamour,” he says of the refurbished stand-alone house on Robertson Boulevard. “So my idea was to design a remembrance of Hollywood studios. I started with a gate like the Paramount Pictures gate.” 
I think it is a stunning starting point. Just as stunning as his exits.
The new boutique will be open to the public following a private celebration on the evening of Thursday, November 5th.
650 N. Robertson Blvd., Hollywood, 310-247-
UPDATE: Here are pictures from the opening party. Trés amusant!

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