Thursday, April 12, 2012


"I’m interested in the lives of women in general, which is why I love aprons. 
The apron is a recurring theme in my work because it is symbolic of women’s sufferance ... 
It’s an emblem of women’s despair, their poverty, their passions. 
I love drama and romance."

- Miuccia Prada via The Cut

I loved this quote from Miuccia Prada. It reminded me of a touching exhibit I saw on traditional Hungarian women's dress at the Museum of Ethnology in Budapest. The exhibit explained that through the twentieth century, the impoverished Hungarian economy was largely agricultural, and women were expected to labor in the fields from sunrise to sundown, even immediately after giving birth. It brings a new appreciation to the freedom and opportunity women are able to enjoy in our lives today. 

Photos from the Budapest Museum of Ethnology, taken in the days of my Blackberry... I wish they were better quality!

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