Monday, January 9, 2012


My favorite section of Vogue has always been the "Nostalgia" column. As described in one of my very first posts, the column features poignant memoirs from writers sharing coming-of-age stories revolving around any host of intriguing characters, including elegant mentors, mysterious fathers, and devastating lovers. Ultimately, the main character becomes the author herself, as she grapples with her own dreams, insecurities, and spiritual growth. It is the vulnerable side of a magazine otherwise featuring impeccable ladies who have already achieved an intimidating volume of professional success, cultural intelligence, and ethereal beauty. (And of course, a killer  eff-ing wardrobe). 

Now, Vogue Features Director Eve MacSweeney has edited a beautiful new coffee table book featuring sixty-three "Nostalgia" essays from the past decade, accompanied by the original archival photographs that inspired the stories (including breathtaking images by Horst P. Horst, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, and more). I received the book, Nostalgia in Vogue, for Christmas and couldn't be more thrilled. Tamara Warren writes for, "this book is a gentle reminder of why we save our stacks of magazines". Here are a few of my favorite photographs from the collection:

Woman underwater by Toni Firssell from the essay SWEPT AWAY
"Young and in love, Patricia Morrisroe moved into her boyfriend's Sutton Place apartment 
only to have her visions of a romantic summer subsumed by a family drama."

Adele Astaire by Rosamond Pinchot from the essay THE AIR IN ASTAIRE
"A grassed over swimming pool in Ireland inspired artist T.J. Wilcox to explore 
the forgotten life of 1920s It Girl Adele Astaire."

Jerry Hall by Stan Malinowski from the essay PAINT IT RED 
"Jerry Hall's cool attitude and sexy pout turned young Australian Poppy King 
into an international lipstick whiz."

And here are three more pieces of "Nostalgia":

1. FACES OF THE EIGHTIES by Padma Lakshmi

2. NOW, VOYAGER by John Gallianon

3. SOOTHES MY SOUL by... me

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