Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Inspired by Refinery29's "Daily Diversion" featuring this vintage Banana Republic ad
here are 13 more archived advertisements from some of today's most recognized brands!

Burberry, 1924

L'Oreal, 1920's

Louis Vuitton, 1920's

DeBeer's, 1940's

DeBeer's 1950's

 Chanel, starring Suzy Parker with Cary Grant and Fred Astaire, 1952

Christian Dior, 1960's

Chanel, starring Faye Dunaway, 1972

Judith Leiber, 1989

Neiman Marcus, 1990

Chanel, starring Claudia Schiffer, 1990
Gucci, 1991

 Gucci, 2003

Images via PZR ServicesWe Heart VintageAd Classix

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