Thursday, January 13, 2011


The most darling thing ever.
Long awaited, finally unveiled: Natalie’s campaign for Dior Beauty. The photo, taken by (who else?) the magical and fantastic Tim Walker, is so innocent and precious, that it’s disappointing how the media has been touting the crass headline, “Natalie Portman Topless!!”. But I do eagerly anticipate the television commercials, directed by Sofia Coppola (another favorite of mine), who, along with the Black Swan star, is getting much applause forSomewhere, her film taking place at the Chateau. It is going to be quite an awards season for these two, and indeed for fashion lovers everywhere. (And as a fashion PR, I am nearly coming out of my skin for the Golden Globes surprise coming this Sunday… stay tuned!!) :) Ahh!

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