Tuesday, August 3, 2010


On her twenty-third birthday, she was partying as usual when
the last call came at the bar and she wanted another bottle of champagne.... 
Naturally, he obliged... she said hello and then went dancing back... 
That was the first time they met.
He saw her on the dance floor, 
dancing absolutely exquisitely with her wild hair, 
and I saw this expression on his face. 
It was just a very beautiful glimmer in his eye. 
I know him so well, and for some reason 
I got this bee in my bonnet at that moment and thought, 
That's the woman.

- adapted from Jonathan van Meter's story in Vogue 
on how Patti Hansen met Rolling Stone Keith Richards, her husband of 27 years


  1. Oh I remember this night and all its fabulous photos! Repeat it again for your bday this year!

  2. Ahh I hope, that was so fun!! And you took amazing photos, I think most of those are from you. :)


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