Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Los Angeles Fashion Week was held last week from March 14th to March 21st. We attended the Fashion: Refocus event at BoxEight Studios in downtown LA on its final evening to see presentations by Orthodox, Kanvis, Gabby Applegate, Future Heretics, and Postage. Rather than traditional presentations, each designer had his or her own photo set where models were shot live. Inviting the viewers into a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process was interesting, albeit difficult to review the pieces. In typical fashion, my favorite area was the DJ booth, where Taryn Manning and DJ Ras of Sublime took turns at the tables. (Love them both-- get to a Boomkat show at the Roxy if you haven't seen Taryn perform!) P.S. I made my photos way cooler on Photoshop and then it didn't save, so you have to see the boring version and not a cute collage. Sorry. :(

Our invitation-- thanks Kravetz PR!
In the courtyard, the night air was warm and had the scent of the blossoming jasmine climbing up the wall behind me...
 it is springtime in lovely Los Angeles!
The event was unique in that there was no backstage and everything was on display, including hair and make-up. 
(Models ducked behind photo foam core and garment racks to change!)
Oh hello, there we are.
Taryn at the tables.
One of the shoots.
Ahh this looks familiar from my time at the Visual Department of BCBG corporate, 
remember when I thought I could Photoshop? Yeah, fail.
Pretty much every girl at the party was huddling around this set... 
I wonder why...
Another shoot and Kate as decor!

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