Wednesday, February 10, 2010


“You can’t help it if your clothes last longer than your boys.”

- my roommate after I relayed with horror
my discovery that Facebook reveals me wearing the same exact frock
on two different romantic outings
with two different boyfriends 
So embarrassing.
But roomie is right.  I still love that dress, after years-long love for boyfriends have faded. Boys may come and go, but certain pieces from our wardrobe will romance us forever. Yes, there are the classic staples that every girl must own (LBD, fitted blazer, white collared shirt, the perfect flat– see Nina Gracia’s excellent book The One Hundred), but sometimes it’s just that silly go-anywhere frock you can always rely on to look good, no matter the occasion... or how fat you feel.  
Here are the items I haven’t been able to live without, as well as the experts’ true loves.
I love:

Halston Oversized Cashmere Blend cardigan
Pun on ex-boyfriends catastrophe unintended, I seriously live in these things. They have carried me through every season and can be styled countless ways. Right now I am pairing it with my over-the-knee boots and a black lace bandeau top for the Balenciaga and Prada-inspired “boudoir” look. How else do I love it? Let me count the ways:  1.) with a tank, fur vest, and flat riding boots;  2.) with a cashmere wrap, knee highs, and Mary Janes;  3.) with booties over a dress for a layered look;  4.) with a tee and flats for casual comfort;  5.) with cigarette pants and serious heels;  6.) unbuttoned with a feminine camisole and jeans;  7.) belted with boots and socks;  8.) cinched with a scarf and gladiator sandals;  9.) with a ruffly blouse, ankle socks and peep toe pumps;  10.) over an oxford shirt with the sleeves cuffed over with ankle boots and thigh highs… sigh… you get the point. 
Fall in love with your own sweater dress:

Diane von Furstenberg loves:

"Feel like a woman... wear a dress!" - Diane von Furstenberg
Diane landed on the cover of Newsweek in the 1970’s for inventing this wonderful gift to women, and the jersey wrap dress remains a must-have today. The jersey material is one of the most flattering fabrics in fashion, clinging to the body the right way, staying in place, and never gathering or pulling. It is extremely low maintenance, with the ability to stuff into a suitcase without taking up much room or wrinkling. The cut is timeless and always flattering, with a wrap that cinches the waist (and adjusts when you’ve had a treat too many). The jersey wrap dress looks polished for work, sexy for after, and appropriate and chic for any other occasion you have!  
Fall in love with your own wrap dress:

Victoria Beckham loves:

Even in jeans, juggling three little boys, navigating the soccer field, 
avoiding the paparazzi... Posh wears stilettos with ease.
Heels have been a woman’s staple footwear for centuries. Victoria’s Spice moniker, Posh, was a result of her penchant for stilettos in the nineties, and she remains true to them today. She has claimed that she is more uncomfortable flat-footed than in heels, and that when even barefoot, she walks on her tippy-toes. (I for one, am the exact same way, and can fully validate what may seem to some as her complete ridiculousness). She even pitched the first ball of the Dodger’s game in heels. Christian Louboutin is her go-to for his proportionally correct heel height and hidden platform, which not only optimally flatter the leg, but also make the shoe much easier to walk and stand in for extended lengths of time. Indeed, there is nothing more flattering than a great stiletto, and will automatically give any woman a posture of confidence and sexiness. No one should be afraid of a high heel, and I think we can apply Diane’s philosophy here as well: “Feel like a woman… wear a stiletto!” 
Fall in love with your own stilettos:

Katie Holmes loves:

Katie depends upon her chic and easy dynamic duo of a carry-all and jeans
This is a double-whammy for must-have fashion. The first is the handbag to love forever. You know the feeling. You get a big leather bag and it just molds to your body. It fits everything you need without weighing you down. It becomes your pet, always there for you, always by your side. Behold Katie’s little pet, the Paratay by Chloé. It can be carried by hand or in the crook of the elbow with the short straps, or free you with its chic shoulder strap. Its timeless hardware and luxurious black leather pull the rest of the look together effortlessly. Katie’s second must-have are her boyfriend jeans (technically, wide-leg high-waisted jeans are also pictured, but they fall into the category of chic and easy jeans as well). The jeans hug her body perfectly, giving her comfort and confidence while embodying easy style. She may have been engaged to someone else before marrying Tom, Tom may have been married to someone else before marrying her, but the love you have for the perfect bag and jeans is forever.
Fall in love with your own Paratay:
Fall in love with your own boyfriend jeans:

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