Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Thank you to my Sister Cousin for sharing Love Heals with me!
The name LOVE HEALS immediately brings to mind the notions of compassionspirituality and family, which are the core elements behind this jewelry collection created by Adriana Goddard and run with her son Gunnar and daughter Elisa. Adriana spent the earlier part of her life traveling around Europe and supporting herself by selling jewelry at markets. She more recently has studied healing and spiritual arts, the influence of which is very apparent not only in the collection. Each symbol and charm holds an individual meaning, but the jewelry also represents greater social and environmental causes thanks to Gunnar’s work partnering with tree plantingchild slavery and child blindness organizations.

For each piece of jewelry purchased from LOVE HEALS, ten trees are planted, a donation is made to to fund the equivalent of one month of a child’s freedom) and, which provides critical nutrients to children. In just one year since starting the program, 250,000 trees have been planted in the US and Africa.

All LOVE HEALS jewelry is made by hand inside a 30-foot geodesic dome on the family’s organic farm in Ojai, California. The result is very earthybohemian pieces with a feminine touch, and the greater meaning behind them makes them all the more irresistible.

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