Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Although diamonds are usually not, in fact, my best friend (handbags are more my BFFs), I love this very special piece. It is Royal Asscher’s Stars of Africa ring, made of rose gold and humanely-mined African diamonds encapsulated in a fluid-filled dome. The diamonds float freely inside the dome like a snowglobe, leaving trails of color and light behind them like falling stars. The unique design is not just aesthetically beautiful, it also is meant to remind the wearer of the perilous beauty of the African continent and its people.
The original Star of Africa is the 3,105 carat diamond cut by the Asscher family in 1908 and is the largest diamond ever found. In 2008, Royal Asscher founded an Africa-focused initiative named after the diamond, reflecting that the real star of Africa is the continent’s precious people. The project provides aid to the African people through advancements in infrastructure via funding for healthcare, education, and self-sufficiency programs. $150 from the sale of each ring will go toward this funding to improve the lives of the people from which the piece originated. 
The Star of Africa ring collections is available in 18 designs in white, yellow, and rose gold and are priced between $4,950 and $7,900. 

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