Tuesday, February 28, 2012


At the beginning of each month, NY Mag‘s The Cut reviews the previous month’s fashion magazines to come up with the “Best & Worst of” the top publications. I always try to control my laughter when reading, but inevitably fail, eliciting concerned looks from others. Here are the highlights from the January issue review– hope you get as big a kick out of it as I do!
Best Fruit – Nylon
Pineapples are the cats of fruit.
Photo: Brooke Nipar/Nylon
Best Floral Mess - Dazed & Confused
Really. They couldn’t work in a coconut bra? It’s like, why even bother.
Photo: Yelena Yemchuk/Dazed & Confused
Second Best Floral Mess - Marie Claire
Military florals. Even the model is like, “This hat is coming off… right?”
 Photo: Tesh/Marie Claire
Best Face - Elle
What a coincidence — that’s my listening face, too!
 Photo: Bruno Staub/Elle
Most Awkward Posing - Flaunt
Well, at least she’s not naked and got to wear more than a g-string and see-through shirt.
But it’s hard not to feel bad for this girl, what with the Satanic shoes and bending over on a chair and all.
Photo: David Bellemere/Flaunt
Most Unnecessary Makeovers -Glamour
A Kardashian or two got their paws on these women and shoved them into
synthetic fur vests and pleather hooker heels so that they might exemplify “Kardashian Law.”
Photo: Ben Watts/Glamour
Grossest Hair-Eating - Dazed & Confused
She had a dream, you had a barf bag…
 Photo: Kacper Kasprzyk/Dazed & Confused
Best Accessory - Vogue
And so fills the monthly requisite cat quotient.
If you look closel,  it appears that the cat has a leash hanging off its neck,
which may or may not be attached to her belt.
I’ve been saying people should go around that way for years.
 Photo: Steven Klein/Vogue
Biggest Pants - Surface
You could probably DIY a pair with a bagged curtain from Bed, Bath & Beyond.
The street style people would be all over it.
Photo: Tom Allen/Surface
Best Sleeve - Surface
Could have also easily gone with best upper abs. Look out, Karlie Kloss.
 Photo: Yoshiaki Sekine/Surface
Best Editor Homage – BritishVogue
This is a recent favorite dress of Anna Wintour’s!
Photo: Patrick Demarchelier/Vogue
Most Unnecesary X-Ray Effect -W
If someone’s wearing a puffy sleeve, you want tosee the puffy sleeve.
Photo: Nick Knight/W
Best Use of Egg - Flaunt
It’s like she laid it herself.
 Photo: Christoph Sillem/Flaunt
Read the full article here.

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