Thursday, February 25, 2010


One of my favorite things in the whole world (along with cheap champagne, of course) are hotels: the history, the design, the feeling that with your cozy robe and accommodating staff, nothing could ever go wrong within the cocoon of your sweet escape.  So of course I loved that in celebration of Maison Moschino, Moschino's new hotel in Milan's Viale Monte Grappa, Cheap & Chic staged an entirely hotel-themed show. The models were as animated and energetic as if they were really on vacay,  and were dressed as maids and "all the different women who come out of the hotel":  there was a "Chanel lady", an "Hermès lady", a party girl with "Mrs. DJ" scrawled across her sweater, and shopoholics loaded down with shopping bags à la Pretty Woman at the Beverly Wilshire. The show was upbeat and playful, emulating Cheap & Chic's endearing signature negligence to take itself seriously. I had a great time!

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