Wednesday, February 10, 2010


“I was in the lobby of a restaurant,
and I just saw this back…
Suddenly, this back turned…
and the eyes that were attached to the back
turned and looked at me…
it was love at first sight.”
- Johnny Depp on meeting his wife, Vanessa Paradis

A slit up to there. A neckline down to there.
What’s sexy in clothes now? It isn’t stereotypical. It isn’t obvious.
It’s your back.
Anyone can hike up their skirt and push up their chest. Anyone can be blatant. Anyone can be obvious. But your back, the private place of your body that is not vulgar but almost always concealed…
That’s real sexy.
How celebrities are going back to back:

Kate Moss in Marc Jacobs

Ashley Olsen in The Row
Sienna Miller in Ungaro

How my friends and I have made the style our own:

In Flounce

In Flounce

In Elizabeth and James
We’ve got your back.

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