Wednesday, March 14, 2012


No sooner does ESS feature the great accessorizing of Anna Dello Russo than does The Coveteur roll out an amazing profile of the Vogue Nippon editor's NYFW hotel, yay!! Check out highlights from the photos posted today from the talented Coveteur team:

"This dress is by my friend, Jason Wu. It's very glamourous to be wearing feathers at 9 a.m." 

"I'm FedEx's best client."
(My interns might have disagreed with you on that one.)

"I can be naked, as long as I'm wearing the right pair of shoes."

"I collect jewellery and am currently in the mood for anything 90's: Gold chains, gold cuffs and big crosses." 
(Um, it also looks like you are in the mood for Charelston Chews... and 100 Grands... and licorice... which makes you all the more awesome.)

Stay tuned for The Coveteur's coverage of ADR's Milan home, coming soon!

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