Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Speaking of mothers ... I love glamorous mothers, because it's my main goal in life to be one someday. Seriously. Of all the dreams I have ever had, my dream of being a mother is the greatest.  It is the only dream of mine that hasn't wavered or evolved, and it is the one that is the most meaningful. (I think anyone who was raised by a great mother would agree that there is nothing more honorable than becoming one.) I have much more dancing down the stars  beneath the flashing lights before receiving those blessings, so for now, I am amusing myself with editorials like this one from Vogue Italia, shot by Miles Aldridge and styled by Alice Gentilucci, starring Toni Garn and some precious little ones.

P.S. Recognize Zoe's Givenchy Oscar gown  in the second photo? Beautiful!
P.P.S. Obviously I will not expose my children to second hand smoke. But I do hope they play piano.

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