Monday, February 22, 2010


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Victoria Beckham for heralding in a return to the lady. As a little girl devouring Grace Kelly films and Chanel biographies, I was genuinely baffled by the Lee jeans and New Balance sneakers ubiquitously infesting the world around me. Although growing up and glamorizing my environment have largely decreased the frequency of North Face sightings, LA's "hangover chic" look of bedhead and cutoffs hardly qualifies as feminine dress, either. Enter LA's own Victoria Beckham. As a former pop star of the midriff-bearing nineties and current wife of man candy David Beckham, it would be easy to write off Posh Spice's collection as a disillusioned foray into even more tabloid headlines. But self-indulgent pet project this is not. The line was extremely well received by the industry's most respected editors and buyers as thoughtful, meticulous, and, well, to-die-for gorgeous.  The foundation of her collection was a timeless, womanly silhouette. The Hitchcock heroine lines were updated by modern draping and and styling, and many pieces were presented in the year's most wanted color, nude. Victoria warmly narrated the clean, simple presentation with anecdotes and explanations that revealed her genuine mastery of and love for her work. Behold, a lady.

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